Automate conversational experiences across the customer journey to delight your customers

BotSupply are pioneers in creating conversational experiences that don’t suck.

The BotSupply approach and product offering helps businesses build bots that increases their customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle while driving revenue, and cutting costs.

Bot Content Management System (CMS) Easy to use tool with all the features you need to create, manage, and analyze & optimize bots in a user friendly interface. No technical skills needed.

Multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) Understand your customers questions and needs in 26+ local languages - no translation services. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning by leading researchers means your bots will learn from its conversations and gets smarter over time. Top rated in publicly available benchmarks

The BotSupply Approach When it comes to integrating bots into your business, there’s a smarter way: the BotSupply way. After pushing boundaries within conversational experiences for over 3 years, we’ve developed a strategic co-creation approach with a mix of conversational design, implementation, and optimization, and capacity building activities. The approach is a proven step-by-step methodology for smooth implementations of bots that don’t suck.

Enterprise Ready Security, Scalability, and Data Processing Our Bot CMS is built on top of proven enterprise ready chatbot platforms from the biggest cloud providers such as AWS Lex, MS Azure Bot Service, Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, and Oracle Digital Assistant. When setting up the Bot CMS simply choose the cloud provider of choice to power and host your bots. Furthermore, you have the option of processing your own data by deploying the Bot CMS on your own cloud account offering an unprecedented level of data ownership and safeguarding.

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