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London, United Kingdom | 45 Projekte | 8 Zertifizierungen
Redk is a Master Zendesk implementation and solution provider partner. They have recently received the award of 2020 Zendesk Best Implementation Partner of the Year. They help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences, whilst driving business value through consultancy and technology-based solutions.

Their consulting services help you define your CX goals and your most efficient operational model as well as train your staff to be proficient in the digital platforms. Redk’s engineering and technical implementation services guarantee the delivery of the best Zendesk based solutions to reach your business objectives.

The first step to their approach to CRM is understanding and adapting solutions to your core business strategy and objectives. In order to seamlessly align technology with your business plan so that you can reach your objectives. 

With fully operational offices in London, Brighton, Madrid and Barcelona and delivery and deployment capabilities to cover any European location, they have recently received the award of 2020 Zendesk Best Implementation Partner of the Year.

“Our mission is to turn our clients’ businesses into success stories” -


Badge: Premier Solution PartnerBadge: Premier Implementation Partner
Angebotene Services
Data Migration
Development Services
Design/Guide Theming
System Integrator
CX Consultant
Zendesk Sell Certified
Western Europe
Implementation Partner
Solution Provider
Business Service Provider

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