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NEW! Faster customer support driven by the latest GPT.

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A turnkey Agent Assist that self-installs. Readyly uses AI, powered by the latest GPT, to deliver:

  • GPT Answers and Clean-Up
  • GPT Sentiment Analysis
  • GPT Conversation Summary
  • GPT Customer Analysis
  • AI-suggested macros, articles, and tickets

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Digitize (and accelerate) your customer support. Manual responses are so Web 2.0. Harness the power of AI with Readyly and embrace automation.

Lower your costs (and rev your profits). Stop hiring new agents and, instead, fuel your current team with the speed of Readyly’s AI engine.

Access turnkey generative AI capabilities. Easy to install, trained on models based on billions of data points; Readyly is smart AND fast, so your agents can be too.

Accelerate your performance (without blowing a gasket)! Readyly harnesses the latest in AI and integrates them into your Zendesk system on any plan level.

Deliver top-of-the-line service (in a snap). If they’ve got questions, get the right answer, common ticket responses, and more in a click!

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Your customer data is safe. Readyly removes any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) before applying AI. We reinstall PII for final output; we never store it.

No setup required Readyly’s Agent Assist is an out-of-the-box solution with a 2-minute install and full Zendesk integration.

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Free 30-day trial, then $9.00 per agent, per month

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