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Look up your Shipmondo customers' orders and shipments without leaving Zendesk

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Introducing the Shipmondo app for Zendesk Support - your ultimate solution to effortlessly access critical order and shipment details within Zendesk.

Empower your support agents with the Shipmondo app, offering them a concise and speedy snapshot of both historical and ongoing customer orders and shipments. This includes order status, comprehensive order line information, track and trace no., and a direct link to delve deeper into the details via your Shipmondo dashboard.

Equip your agents with the precise resources they need, enabling them to transform insights into action. With a seamless and integrated workspace, your agents can seamlessly deliver effective and personalized customer support, streamlining their workflow for maximum efficiency.

Key benefits & features:

  • Faster agent response time

  • The app automatically starts searching using the ticket requester's phone or email

  • Quick access to relevant customer information

  • Look up orders and shipments without leaving Zendesk

  • Open or copy the link for the shipment tracking page with just a single click


The app requires an API key for your Shipmondo account. Please read the "How to install" instructions on how to obtain an API key.

Any questions or feedback?

Please feel free to contact us on

You can make feature requests on our community page. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Proventic is not affiliated with Shipmondo.

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Free 7-day trial, then $3.99 per agent, per month
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