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Must-have app for Relatel users! Automatically shows caller details and tickets

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Available to all Relatel users on a Zendesk Suite plan or Relatel users with Support + Talk Partner Edition. Learn more about Relatel here and Zendesk plans here.

Integrate your Relatel calls with Zendesk and improve agent response time!

With the Relatel app your support agents save valuable time by having a quick and clear overview of every incoming and outgoing call.

The top bar app will automatically open incoming and outgoing calls, showing the caller name, organisation and phone number of existing users in your Zendesk Support - as well as their tickets. Click on a ticket to add an internal note with call details including customer phone number, time of the call, call duration and a "Relatel"-tag. Or create a new ticket and profile for new customers with a single click!

Key features:

  • Automatically finds a customer based on the phone number

  • Name and organisation at a glance

  • Quick access to customer profile by clicking their name

  • One click to create a new ticket with call details

  • One click to add call details to an existing ticket

  • Call a customer by clicking their phone number in the user sidebar or ticket editor

Any questions or feedback?

Please feel free to contact us on

You can make feature requests on our community page. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Free 7-day trial, then $3.99 per agent, per month
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