Easily respond to Bazaarvoice customer reviews and questions from Zendesk.

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Thousands of the world’s leading brands and retailers trust Bazaarvoice technology, services, and expertise to drive revenue, extend reach, gain actionable insights, and create loyal advocates. Bazaarvoice’s extensive global retail, social, and search syndication network, product-passionate community, and enterprise-level technology provide the tools brands and retailers need to create smarter shopper experiences across the entire customer journey.

The Bazaarvoice + Zendesk integration enables you to build an efficient, effective UGC program that delivers high-quality customer experiences and improve customer service across the shopping journey.

You’re easily able to integrate your Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers data into the Zendesk platform. Here’s how the Bazaarvoice + Zendesk integration can help you improve workflows, enhance your brand reputation, and improve customer service:

  • Build robust customer profiles: The UGC you collect helps you keep tabs on what consumers are saying about you and your products. You can also discover new customer profiles that aren’t already in your CRM
  • Manage brand reputation at scale: Whenever a shopper leaves feedback or asks a question, thousands more are paying attention. You can prioritize high-impact reviews and questions with alerts and deploy a response interface that your team already knows well
  • Increase productivity: The integration lets you centralize customer interaction through your Zendesk platform. This helps maximize the workflow management your response team has already built, which drives efficiency and saves valuable time
  • Learn about your customers: Reviews (negative and positive) provide a wealth of information about your shoppers. You can learn about their pain points, where customer service is lagging, and any issues they’re having with your products. You can also identify gaps in the market, where you could innovate and improve
  • Drive top-notch customer experiences and retention: Leverage your UGC to create informed, personalized customer support and increase the lifetime value of your customers. Improve customer satisfaction by responding to reviews and questions quickly and seamlessly tracking consumer correspondence in the Zendesk platform
  • Give consumer voices a boost: UGC is a true asset. Consumers who interact with UGC are 2x more likely to convert. Bazaarvoice’s Ratings & Reviews tools let you collect authentic ratings, reviews, photos, and videos from consumers

Ready to boost your UGC strategy, build smarter shopping experiences, and take your customer service to the next level? Learn more about the Bazaarvoice + Zendesk integration here.

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