ChatGPT Assistant by Canadesk

Help your agents provide best-in-class customer support with ChatGPT.

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Save time & improve customer satisfaction with AI! 🤖

ChatGPT's integration with Zendesk summarizes customer messages, analyses sentiment & recommends replies/macros to your agents with your own prompt. Effortlessly provide excellent customer service 🥇 & boost your business growth.

ChatGPT for Zendesk - Features

Leverage AI directly from any Zendesk ticket, and:

  • Capture the key topic
  • Adapt to your customer's attitude (sentiment, frustration, urgency)
  • Summarize the full conversation
  • Suggest what your next reply can be (or set one of your macros)

We make it easy to exceed customer's expectations and take it one step further than your typical canned response. We do not store your data.

The app is available in 🚩 English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Swedish!

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Turbo Edition

$10.00 per month

Decreases your OpenAI billing by 10x. Contact after purchase for activation.

Custom Edition

$15.00 per month

Suggested Replies will now recommend your own Zendesk macros whenever applicable. Includes Turbo Edition. Contact after purchase for activation.

Some app plans might have

additional fees

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