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Understanding how customers feel and what drives behavior at each step of the customer journey is difficult. With Keatext, you can easily build a 360-degree view of your support tickets in Zendesk to better understand and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Seamlessly import support tickets from Zendesk
  • Understand the top areas with the greatest impact on customer satisfaction
  • Build, customize, and share dashboards with rich data visualizations

Get recommendations to prioritize actions that maximize ROI

Understand what has the greatest effect on customer satisfaction metrics like CSAT or NPS. Keatext automatically provides you with the top recommendations from your support tickets. This predictive layer connects satisfaction drivers in your tickets with an impact score thanks to our innovative AI.

Reduce your analysis time by 98%

Keatext leverages AI-driven text analytics to instantly process your Zendesk tickets on an ongoing basis. By integrating with Zendesk, insights from your tickets are instantly available to you, complete with advanced sentiment and intent analysis, topic grouping, visualization, and tagging capabilities.

Keatext allows you to:

  • Browse predictive recommendations to take action
  • Create and customize multiple dashboards
  • Explore a heatmap of top topics and opinions
  • Adjust topic groupings and apply tags

Keatext is led by a team of elite researchers and AI professionals who combine academic rigor and practical experience across fields such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU), software engineering, and product development.

Unlock insight, instantly with Keatext.

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