Boost agent efficiency with AI-powered support.

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Superpowers for your support team.

Bringing the power of ChatGPT to Zendesk to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. offers a range of powerful AI features that enable your support team to handle tickets more efficiently.

Rewrite Messages with Ease's message rewriting feature can quickly and easily transform messages to sound more professional or friendly.

  • Improve the quality of your support interactions

  • Save time by avoiding rewrites from scratch

  • Ensure consistent messaging across your team

Summarize tickets in seconds's summarize feature uses advanced AI technology to extract key information from entire ticket threads in seconds.

  • Save time and streamline your workflow

  • Simplify the escalation process with easy-to-digest summaries

  • Provide faster, more effective resolutions for your customers.

Rev up your support team's performance with's AI-driven tools for streamlined ticket handling, effortless message rewriting, and rapid ticket summarization, delivering lightning-fast, effective resolutions that boost customer satisfaction. Click now to supercharge your team's growth!

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