Customer Service Connector by TikTok Shop

Connect your TikTok Shop with Zendesk Support.

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Connect your TikTok Shop with Zendesk Support.

TikTok Shop is a one-stop e-commerce solution for driving brand growth and sales directly on TikTok. With TikTok Shop, merchants can tap into a full commerce experience with the capability to upload products and manage everything from shipping to fulfillment and point of purchase.

Zendesk Integration with TikTok Shop
The customer service connector lets you connect your TikTok Shop account to your Zendesk Support, so you’ll receive and be able to reply to TikTok Shop chat messages from Zendesk Support.
-Solve customer inquiries faster with access to relevant information from TikTok Shop, such as order, shipping, payment, and return information—all without leaving Zendesk.
-All conversations from a buyer will be kept in one ticket. You can see the full context before answering.

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