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Create and visit quick links using placeholders.

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With Custom Links you can create and visit quick links using placeholders. An application that allows creating and sharing access links can be a useful tool for support agents, helping to improve efficiency, quality of service, and customer satisfaction.

The advantages of Custom Links include:

  • Greater efficiency: the application can help improve the efficiency of the agents' work, allowing them to quickly access the links necessary to solve customers' problems.

  • Reduced response time: support agents can use the application to quickly provide links to useful information to customers, which can help reduce response time and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Better quality of service: with easy and quick access to relevant information, agents can provide better and more efficient customer service.

  • Reduced workload: the use of access links can help reduce the workload of agents, as many common questions can be answered with the help of links, freeing up more time for more complex and personalized tasks.

  • Better tracking of interactions: with the application, agents can better track interactions with customers and provide more accurate and updated information.

  • Allows you to use Zendesk placeholders to create custom links, depending on the ticket being handled.

Terms of use and other information are available on the app page:

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