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Manage your app store reviews without leaving your Zendesk account.

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Integrate AppTweak with your Zendesk account to start replying to app store reviews directly from Zendesk. This integration is available for all App Store and Google Play apps. Number of replies per month depends on your AppTweak plan. Learn more.

Why integrate AppTweak with Zendesk?

  • Receive all your App Store and Google Play reviews directly in your Zendesk Support Agent Workspace.
  • Turn all your app store reviews into Zendesk tickets and manage them alongside your other support channels.
  • Better engage with your users & reply to reviews directly from Zendesk.
  • Filter the reviews you want to receive in Zendesk by country, language, or star rating.
  • Translate app reviews into your preferred language.
  • Make sure each review finds the right agent by combining AppTweak's automated tags with Zendeskfeatures.
  • Change the reviews you want to receive in Zendesk without ever leaving the Zendesk interface.
  • Easy setup in minutes.

This integration is only available to AppTweak Review Management users. Interested? Start your free trial or get a demo at to learn more about this powerful integration.

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