Accelerate Knowledge Creation, Optimization, & Consumption with Machine Learning

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Knowbler leverages machine learning for auto-populating knowledge articles on a pre-defined template, while your support agent resolves a case. This empowers support agents to create knowledge articles at the same time a resolution is proposed.

Knowbler lets agents attach resolution articles to cases so that when a similar issue arrives in the future, the solution is easier to discover. It identifies the KB articles that failed to leave their mark so that the support coaches can review them and share feedback.

Monitoring the usage of knowledge base articles is as important as creating them. ‘Support Effectiveness’ analytics gives the ratio of cases where Knowbler-generated articles were shared or attached to cases. 'Contributor Analytics' reveals the number of articles' support agents' authored and how many times they were linked to cases.

Leading global enterprises including CornerstoneOnDemand, Namely, Geotab, Syntellis, Natterbox and Qlik leverage Knowbler for optimizing and accelerating support knowledge creation for their teams, in their workflow.

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