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An easy way to view and categorize your ticket comment links

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With Link List, you can easily list and categorize all the links included in your ticket comments. This means you can have a clear and organized view of all the links being shared with you, without wasting time searching through a large number of comments.

The advantages of Link List include:

  • Time savings: Link List allows you to quickly find all links shared

in your ticket comments without wasting time searching for them.

  • Organization: With Link List, you can categorize links according to

your needs, which means you can easily find the links you need at a

later time.

  • Improved quality of service: With a clear and organized view of links

shared with you, you can respond to tickets more efficiently,

providing accurate and relevant information to your customers.

  • Improved efficiency: Link List helps optimize Zendesk ticket

management, allowing you to respond to tickets more quickly and


With all these advantages, Link List is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve Zendesk ticket management. Try it out today and see how it can transform your work routine!

Terms of use and other information are available on the app page:

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