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AI-powered in-app contextual article recommendations

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Reduce support load. Improve knowledge base ROI.

Most support tickets can be answered by a help center article. Contexer solves this problem.

Contexer surfaces the right help center resource to your customer at the right time, while they're still in your app.

Contexer is a low-code solution that

  1. provides your users with in-app help center recommendations,
  2. integrates with your existing knowledge base, and
  3. saves your support team time

Improve Support Team Efficiency

  • Most support tickets can be answered by a knowledge base article. Contexer surfaces those articles while the user is using the app.

Increase Knowledge Base ROI

  • Customers rarely leave the app to search for a knowledge base article. Contexer improves knowledge base ROI by using predictive analytics to surface the right articles to user based on current interactions.

AI/ML Powered Recommendations

  • Contexer uses a combination or AI/ML and predictive analytics to get your customers the right help center resources.


Contexer provides reliable ongoing customer support, following best practices and industry standards

  • Application monitored 24/7/365
  • 1 business day SLA for support responses
  • Encryption at rest and in transit


We're actively collecting and incorporating feedback on the product and would welcome your views about anything that's working well or could be improved. Please submit your feedback here.

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