Asset Management with Custom Objects

Assign products and devices, SKU and reports for custom objects.

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Start managing assets in Zendesk with ease. Simplify data management with a single source of truth. Our app utilizes Zendesk Sunshine’s “Custom Objects” feature for seamless functionality. With our app, you can assign objects to your customers, maintain SKU organization, generate insightful reports, and group objects by properties. Provide faster resolutions for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Features vs Benefits

  • Assign objects to users to get 360 view of customer data.
  • SKU to keep data organised directly in Zendesk.
  • Reports for visibility for better business decisions.
  • Group objects by properties to view assigned vs unassigned objects.
  • CSV import of custom objects data and assign directly to your user base.
  • Provide faster resolutions! Keep customers with you longer.
  • Single source of truth - easier data management.

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