Ticket Treeview

Show all the ticket, user and organization data in your agents` sidebar.

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Ticket treeview

This app shows your agents all the ticket information you would get by calling the Zendesk API right in their sidebar. It also shows the data about the user and the organization, so your agents don´t need to go leave the screen to find the data they need.

You can also download your data, which can be useful for support or debugging.

Contact us if you need a customized application. We will be happy to help.

About Respira Internet

Hi there! We are Respira Internet, a small, Spanish based Zendesk Partner.

We help businesses of all sizes improve their Customer Support and other business processes by integrating Zendesk with the rest of their IT Systems.

We are your go-to Zendesk partner if you need to send WhatsApp Notifications automatically, a customized Zendesk app, a customized Zendesk Guide theme, or a quick and reliable Zendesk Onboarding service.

Contact us if you need a customized application, a customized theme, training or consulting services.

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