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Your 24/7 support team of CX experts.

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Companies who integrate Chatdesk Teams with Zendesk see the following impact:

  • 90+ NPS score for Chatdesk Teams
  • 15%+ Increase in conversion on social media
  • Response times in under 90 minutes

Fluent in your brand response from day one.

Chatdesk identifies passionate fans of your company and trains them to respond with your brand’s exact voice and policies. The result? A dedicated team of US-based CX experts able to deliver perfectly on-brand, personalized responses across your social and support channels. Your CX experts are also backed by Chatdesk’s patented BrandScript technology, a predictive text engine that helps ensure every response is perfectly on brand.

On-Demand US-based experts to Coverage for When You Need it Most

Enjoy all the benefits of a fully managed service. Your team of US-based CX experts is hired, scheduled, onboarded, and entirely managed by us. It’s 24/7, high-quality coverage with cost-effective pay-per-ticket pricing.

Consistent Coverage, Pay per ticket pricing

  • No annual contract needed
  • Scale up or down monthly
  • Depending on the plan you choose, the price per resolved ticket ranges from $1.95 - $2.50 per ticket.

Fully managed service - no onboarding or training time needed

Allow our CX experts to resolve your trickiest tickets with ease. You get a Client Success Manager who you can Slack or email etc.

Features you'll love:

  • 24/7 Coverage
  • One-click onboarding
  • Secure, private, and always compliant
  • Moderation of spam and negative comments

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