Connect your marketplace (eBay, Catch.com.au and others) to your Zendesk account

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Sweito let's you manage your various marketplaces (eBay, Catch.com.au and others) tickets from your favourite helpdesk (Zendesk) and also allows you take action from your Zendesk account. It does this by synchronizing the messages from your store with your Zendesk account, allowing your replies to be sent back to your store automatically.

Sweito also let you take different types of actions from your Zendesk account, without having to log back in your different stores to do so. Some of the actions that can be taken includes uploading of proof of shipping, update refund decision, etc. depending on the store the ticket is received from.

This Sweito integration allows you view the full ticket information and take action from your Zendesk account, alongside each ticket view.

View Ticket Full Information

Access each ticket full information directly from your Zendesk account. This helps you properly identify each ticket opened and gives added information when making responses.

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Action on Opened Tickets

Take action on tickets directly from your Zendesk account. All actions taken are sent back directly to your store, saving you the time.

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Get Started

Start using Sweito today, visit https://app.sweito.com/#/auth/register to create an account for FREE! or visit Sweito Website for more information.

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