Screenjar Screen Recorder

Allow customers to record screen and share directly with support team

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Skip the customer support back-and-forth

Make it ridiculously easy for customers to send you video recordings of their screen. Screenjar helps you to understand and resolve customer issues quickly.

Request a screen recording from your customer

Understanding the issue customer facing can be time consuming sometimes. You can generate a video request link using Screenjar and share it with the customer

No download/install required on customer system

Customer can simply click on link and start recording. No software download/installation required. Works with all latest versions of modern browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge) except on mobile devices.

Automatically receive the recorded video

Recorded video will automatically appear in your ticket

Customize recording screen

You can customize the look and feel of recording screen and also customize messages that will appear on recording screen.

No user management overhead

Everyone using zendesk can use Screenjar

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