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SaaSConsole was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs who were having challenges with the process of managing all of the SaaS apps they were using to run their businesses.

Tech startups tend to be on the cutting-edge of running their entire businesses around SaaS apps, thus, facing a high-level of pain around managing who can use which apps, the data they can access and what rights they had inside those apps.

As a result, we decided to solve our own problems by building a solution to efficiently manage group of users and collection of SaaS apps.

The platform enables a bottom-up adoption model and leverages artificial intelligence to recommend workflow automations specific to every user.

SaaSConsole automates the tedious process of onboarding, offboarding, and user group management in Zendesk.

It also enables admins to assign or reassign tickets to their Zendesk groups.

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