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Quickly look up customer orders and shipments from your Webshipper in Zendesk

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The Webshipper app for Zendesk Support displays the most important order and shipment information to your support agents inside of Zendesk.

With the Webshipper app your agents will have a quick and clear overview of the customer's past and current orders, including status, order lines and a shortcut to the full details in your Webshipper dashboard.

By providing your agents with the right tools you give them the opportunity to take action on the gathered insights. The unified workspace makes it easy for your agents to provide efficient and contextual customer support.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically shows all customer orders based on their email
  • Easy access to all relevant customer information
  • Improved agent response time
  • Contextual and rich conversations
  • Quickly open the order or shipment in your Webshipper dashboard
  • Look up any order or shipment


The app requires an API key for your Webshipper account. Please read the "How to install" instructions on how to obtain an API key.

Any questions or feedback?

Please feel free to contact us on support@proventic.dk. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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