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What if you could eliminate long hold times, automate over 50% of your inbound support requests, and double agent productivity?

Helpshift makes it possible.

World-renowned brands like Target, Honeywell and Supercell use Helpshift to deliver messaging-first customer service that customers love. Using a combination of bots and AI, our customers are able to efficiently process millions of issues in real-time, while delivering a highly responsive and personalized experience at scale.

Across Helpshift’s 450+ customers, messaging is delivering 35% higher CSAT, while bots and AI are automating over 70% of the tickets, with only 30% going to agents, saving brands millions.

Ready-to-go, Lightning-ready Salesforce Integration

• Easily integrate Helpshift by embedding our SDK into your website and mobile apps.

• Cases are automatically created and integrated into your existing workflows.

• Agents handle cases right within the Service Cloud Console using the integrated Helpshift Messenger.

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