Low code platform to rapidly create internal apps on top of your data sources

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DronaHQ is a low code platform to build internal tools and custom apps for web and mobile. Built by developers for developers, DronaHQ is a powerful tool that provides the speed and flexibility to support a wide range of applications. Developers and engineering teams use this platform to create admin panels, CRUD apps, GUI, frontends on top of their Databases or APIs and apps to optimize everyday business operations.

Drag and drop UI editor

100+ pre-built UI components like tables, charts, form fields, kanban, etc

50+ ready connectors to databases and APIs like Zendesk, HubSpot, Shopify, Stripe, MongoDB, Postgres, etc.

Visual editor to design frontend events

Deployable on-prem

Unlimited users across all plans

Strong community + Helpful product documentation and tutorials

DronaHQ makes it easy to build custom frontend applications on top of your existing apps and databases.

The ready DronaHQ <> Zendesk integration allows you to create internal tool use cases that may require you to get tickets, get user profiles, create new tickers, find tickers, add custom comments to tickets, and get groups from Zendesk.

Say you want to create a customer success internal tool that accesses data from Zendesk and also combine it with user details from your MS SQL database, Shopify website, and Stripe payment Gateway - you can easily create it using the pre-built UI components and ready connectors.

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