Start your business rule cleanup. Keep Zendesk neat and clean!

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Our philosophy is “Less is more” and to cater to this, we have create an app to help companies have a cleaner and less clogged Zendesk.

Having to do trigger cleanup can be a big pain, especially if you have dozens of triggers and a large team.

With TriggerDoctor you can easily identify broken triggers and see what exactly is wrong with them. Zendesk does not have this capability by default.

This app helps you identify missing users, forms, brands, groups referenced in the triggers, by adding the “ERR” keyword followed by the name of the missing entry. Once the issue is identified, you can click the trigger link in the “url” column to navigate directly to the trigger editor and fix the problem inside the Zendesk admin interface, all this for FREE!


  • Understand what's holding you back

  • Clarity in what you need to fix

  • Removing bottlenecks

  • Take back control of your Zendesk

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