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All the important information about your customers in one place.

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NB: This app only works with SmartWeb and the new DanDomain Webshop. It does not work with DanDomain Webshop Classic! Read about the new webshop and how to upgrade here.

View DanDomain/SmartWeb orders without leaving the ticket

With The DanDomain/SmartWeb app your agents will have a clear overview of the customers info and all past and current orders including order lines and total amounts. By providing your agents with the right tools you give them the opportunity to take action on the gathered insights. The unified workspace makes it easy for your agents to provide efficient and contextual customer support.

  • Automatically shows all customer orders based on their email
  • Easy access to all relevant customer information
  • Clear overview of each customer
  • Contextual and rich conversations
  • Improved response time


A webshop/e-commerce created with SmartWeb or the new DanDomain Webshop. Not DanDomain Webshop Classic! Please read the "How to install" instructions about how to connect your webshop with the app.

Any questions or feedback?

Please feel free to contact us on support@proventic.dk. You can make feature requests on our community pages. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Proventic is not affiliated with DanDomain/SmartWeb.

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