Omni-channel Cloud Contact Center

Support your customers over the phone, rich web chat, mobile apps, and SMS

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Omnichannel cloud contact center integrated with Zendesk leverages the information contained in your Zendesk environment to provide an exceptional agent and customer experience.

Bright Pattern Contact Center delivers powerful omnichannel call center features, including robust outbound capabilities for campaigns, advanced inbound capabilities for service and support, and blended capabilities for multipurpose call centers. * Phone calls, emails, chats, SMS and other digital messages are routed via single queue to agents, based on their skills * Agent share presence for all channels * Reporting covers performance across all channels * Identify and prioritize/segment your customers based on Zendesk data, offer voice and chat self-service using scenario flow editor with pre-built blocks for accessing Zendesk * Use the data above for intelligent screen pop * Monitor your representative performance in real-time * Ensure quality and discover areas that require training improvements with built-in OmniQM with screen recording, monitoring, sentiment and custom evaluation forms

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