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Jitterbit delivers a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use integration platform

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Jitterbit enables customers of all sizes to gain significant business value for designing, deploying and managing integrations across the most common integration scenarios:

  1. Data Integration is the transferring of data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. It is required when organizations or individuals change systems or upgrade to new systems, or one company acquires another and there is a need for translating data from one format to another. Data Integration does not mean just copying the data (data movement), but actually is the process that also includes the validation, transformation and cleansing of data to ensure that the data being migrated is correct and in a format for use by an application.

Data Integration involves the restructuring of data in some way; this may mean fields being merged, or formats being changed, or the data being transformed in various other ways. It is the process by which company transforms the legacy data into its standards, using standardization and business translational logic. Data Migration can be a one-time or recurring event used to update from one system to another.

  1. Process Integration: Typical use case is orchestrating an end to end process across multiple applications or endpoints such as the quote to cash process across a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a Backend Financials or ERP application. The end user does may or may not have access to these systems, but key account data such as Invoice order history and payment status may be regularly updated so that the CRM user has a complete​ view of the account. Another use case may be the creation of an order in the CRM via an opportunity record. Once an opportunity is Closed Won, they system can trigger and event that passes the relevant information into the order entry system. Subsequently the Order Entry system may return the Order Number and status information related to the recently won opportunity.

  2. Real-time API Management: Harmony Live! allows non-technical users to design, deploy and manage end-to-end, real-time APIs without writing a single line of code. The Jitterbit Studio is a graphical point and click configuration tool that includes wizard-based connectors for the most popular enterprise apps and connectivity to hundreds of systems. For the first time a non-developer can easily and quickly connect any system and expose it as an API service that can be consumed by any other system. With powerful orchestration tools, users can click to configure API access rules, set throttling and rate limits, and monitor and analyze the usage and health of their APIs. Delivering speed, scale, and reliability, Live! runs on the Jitterbit Harmony platform; the industry’s fastest and most flexible cloud integration platform. Live! APIs are published to highly scalable Cloud API Gateway and can be deployed to run 100% in the Cloud, a Private Cloud, or behind your firewall.

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