Displays Client Details from WHMCS

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This WHMCS App will allow you to view all the most important details of clients stored in your WHMCS system.

You can manage the display of the following information:

  • Customer Details
  • Active Products
  • Active Domains
  • Unpaid Invoices

Moreover, there is a paid module available for WHMCS designed to:

  • Allow your customers to manage tickets in your client area without the redirection to Zendesk
  • Offer LoginShare (SSO) between Zendesk and WHMCS

A more detailed information on the product can be found at: http://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/zendesk

To find the App, log in to your Zendesk and browse the App Marketplace.

For step-by-step instruction manual, please visit: https://www.docs.modulesgarden.com/WHMCSWidgetForZendesk

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