¡Introducing WeKall! The business phone that integrates with your business

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Available to all customers on a Zendesk Suite plan or Customers with Support + Talk Partner Edition - Learn more at https://www.zendesk.com/pricing

## Why choose Wekall + Zendesk?

Wekall is a software factory obsessed with humanizing communications between businesses and customers; this is the reason why we have focussed our efforts on developing smarter telephony solutions. Our product incorporate PBX and Contact Centre features all in one easily to scale-up platform. We have developed features which allow better voice quality, data capturing and everything to improve the service level of our clients with their customers.

To harness the full potential of Wekall as your voice solution for your Zendesk account, we have created a widget that will potentiate the management of calls and information directly from the Zendesk interface. Our solution offers 5 key features:

  • Manage calls directly from the Zendesk screen, we improve your user experience, speeding up the process of managing (dialing, answering and ending) calls.

  • Our integration automatically creates tickets in your Zendesk account for existing and non existing contacts every time a call is received.

  • Manage (listen, play and stop) calls recordings directly on your Application section.

  • Our solution synchronizes the Wekall Contact Center Platform and Zendesk, allowing the user to categorize a call in Zendesk and automatically actualize the information in Wekall.

  • Every call received or made with our widget on Zendesk platform, is automatically registered on Wekall platform so the user can later check it out.

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