Calabrio Analytics Integrator by Route 101

Calabrio Analytics Integrator for Zendesk Support, brought to you by Route 101

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Integrate your Zendesk Support and Calabrio Analtics platforms with Route 101’s bespoke connector, and unlock speech and text insights for your Zendesk platform easily.

With Route 101’s Calabrio Analytics Integrator, you can combine the power of your Zendesk and Calabrio Analytics solution for an effortless transfer of data between the two systems, and enable intelligent business planning and operations. Access advanced insights for your Zendesk contact centre and agent workforce with the Calabrio Analytics dashboard, and transform your customer interactions into usable data.

Import tickets from email and chat interactions created in Zendesk to Calabrio for text analysis – including sentiment and phrase recognition. Leverage Route 101’s integration to export audio and CTR records and analyse your voice interactions.

  • Seamless integration between your Zendesk Support platform and Calabrio Analytics

  • Easy setup and implementation – get started quickly

Available only to agents using Zendesk Support, Route 101’s Calabrio Analytics Integrator can turn your Zendesk contact centre into a customer intelligence hub.

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