View key customer success insights alongside tickets

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Empower your Customer Success teams with access to Zendesk data and empower your Support teams with access to key customer data like product usage, health score and more via Gainsight.

Get a 360 view of your customer

View key information like usage, customer health score, recent survey responses and other linked data from Gainsight and SFDC so your Support team can get a 360 view of your customer next to a live ticket in Zendesk.

Escalate to Customer Success team for broader visibility and planning

Escalate tickets to the account's CSM to collaborate and to resolve issues faster by escalating an issue into their workflow.

Increase the effectiveness of your teams and business

Access Zendesk ticket data in Gainsight's reports and rules engine. Aggregate and trend key metric from tickets over time and also use to drive predictive scoring.

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