Support customers 24/7 and create tickets out of chatbot chats.

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What is ChatBot

ChatBot is a user-friendly customer automation platform that lets you build and launch conversational chatbots without coding. The tool helps answer common customer questions without the help of a human agent. It lets you personalize your support services at scale without adding the employee headcount.

Let customers raise Zendesk tickets while chatting with a chatbot The direct ChatBot integration for Zendesk allows you to create tickets out of chatbot conversations. By connecting both apps you can personalize your ticket communication.

Once installed, the ChatBot integration for Zendesk lets you:

  • Collect customer emails and create tickets from ongoing chatbot chats.
  • Send created tickets automatically to your Zendesk app.

Support customers 24/7

A website chatbot responds to customers' questions around the clock. It resolves common problems quickly so customers don’t have to seek help elsewhere — call customer summer service, write emails, or read FAQs.

Reduce routine work

ChatBot is a lifesaver for help desk departments. It provides customized responses to repetitive questions so that your agents don’t have to do that. In effect, your team can focus more on more challenging tasks, which improves their motivation and productivity.

Offer better customer experience

The platform makes it easy for you to build customized chatbots for your business. The bot can greet customers proactively, respond to their questions, offer personalized recommendations and guide them on your website. It can make your customers feel well taken care of while requiring a little effort from you.

Go outside the box

ChatBot provides one-click integrations with popular apps including LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more. It’s a single tool that gives you a chance to connect with customers across multiple channels.

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