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Automate Zendesk processes to centralize agent tasks, eliminate data entry, and reduce app/context switching between platforms. Customize your Zendesk integrations with Workato to lighten your agent workloads and drastically decrease ticket resolution time.

Join over 21,000 businesses to integrate your apps with Workato. Simply select and run any of over 600,000 community integrations created by experts. Or, create custom integrations yourself without needing an IT team.

Popular applications to integrate with Zendesk

With Workato, you can integrate and automate the interactions between Zendesk and your other customer- and employee-facing apps. Workato can help you provide a single portal where sales, support, and human resources can resolve all their tickets in one place. Let your workflows move seamlessly across platforms by using Workato to integrate Zendesk with:

  • Other ticketing systems like Jira and ServiceNow

  • Messaging tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Workplace

  • CRMs like Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics

  • HRMs like Workday

  • Snowflake, Amazon S3, Redshift

Integrations also let you plug into systems outside your business, including logistics software, third-party warehouses, custom web services, EDI tools, and more.

4 Key Use Cases - Zendesk integrations and automations

Want to know what you can accomplish with Zendesk and Workato? Here are some of the ways you can use Zendesk integrations to manage and automate workflows across your organization.

Shorten your ticket resolution time

It takes most businesses more than 72 hours to resolve a support ticket, an average resolution time that frustrates customers and can lead them to look for more reliable options. An integrated system helps your business share new tickets between teams for faster ticket resolution times.

  • Connect customers with someone who can help – on the first try. Integrate Zendesk with other ticketing systems, like Jira and ServiceNow, to automatically route incidents to the right team or to effortlessly move tickets between teams with cross-system escalation.

  • Help team leaders prioritize and manage tickets. Set up custom integrations that help team leaders mobilize their teams to resolve time-sensitive issues as fast as possible – without migrating tickets manually and without needing to login to a new platform.

  • Use notifications to alert sales and support to ticket changes. Let your team know about new tickets and updates to existing tickets by connecting Zendesk and Microsoft Teams or Slack. This integration keeps your team in the loop on the apps they use most. It also lets employees see, transfer, and approve tickets without switching between apps.

Provide a unified helpdesk

A unified helpdesk makes it easier for your business to bring employees together to resolve tickets. Plus, it gives you a 360-degree view of the end-to-end customer support experience, a perspective that helps your business streamline workflows and allocate resources effectively.

  • Sync support across channels. Integrate Zendesk with CRMs like Salesforce, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics to provide centralized access to support tickets and sales inquiries. Sync these platforms to bring order, loyalty, and communication history together.

  • Manage product returns. Authorize and process product returns and refunds by integrating Zendesk with inventory management software like Quickbooks or Evernote. This integration helps ensure that orders and returns end up where they need to be.

Successfully onboard and offboard employees

An effective onboarding process helps new employees become more productive – and it can improve employee retention in the long run. Smooth out the wrinkles in your onboarding process by integrating Zendesk (where you create and manage onboarding tickets) with your HRMs.

  • Create, assign, and resolve onboarding tickets without switching platforms. Sync Zendesk with platforms like Workday to share onboarding tasks (like creating credentials or provisions for a new employee) across platforms. With this integration, you can also automatically open and close child tickets based on actions people take in other apps.

  • Give employees access to human resources through Zendesk. An integration can open up a line of communication between your employees and your human resource team. Help your employees browse and search knowledge bases, create incident tickets, and access their human resource files without leaving a familiar platform.

Integrate product data to prevent churn

Often customers don’t even try to resolve an issue and give up on the product. Proactively monitor product and usage data from various systems to engage with customers who may be slipping away.

  • Automatically create tickets based on SaaS product usage data. Monitor data from systems like Snowflake, Amazon S3, Redshift, or Mixpanel, Amplitude and Pendo, and based on a condition, create a ticket in Zendesk. For instance, if the product usage data is declining by more than 30% compared to the previous month, automatically create a ticket.

  • Notify the relevant people to take action. Once the ticket is created, you can set an automation to look up who the account executive, sales engineer and/or relationship managers are on Zendesk or Salesforce to notify them on Slack or any other communication platform.

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