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ZIS Playground is a tool for developers, so you can quickly learn to use Zendesk Integration Services capabilities, resources, and syntax.
* Try out ZIS features and syntax by writing ZIS Flows (business logic) and ZIS Actions (API wrappers)
* Easily generate and store a Zendesk OAuth token in a ZIS Connection, which can be used to authenticate API requests to Zendesk products
* Register external OAuth Clients, and use them to create OAuth tokens that can be used to authenticate API requests to those external systems
* Test flows by providing a mock input JSON payload
* View test outputs

ZIS Playground walks you through the setup process and comes with a simple default Flow, so you can run your first test in just a couple of minutes.

ZIS Playground is currently in open Beta:
* You may encounter minor layout issues in the UI
* ZIS Playground only supports OAuth-based Connections: it does not allow you to create Basic Auth, Bearer token, or API key based Connections
* There is no UI to set, change, or delete user settings in ZIS Configs
* There is no UI to set, change, or delete object relationships in ZIS Links
* There is only one pen to work in: if you wish to work on several different Flows you will need to store the JSON externally

If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to us via the Zendesk Community here.

By enabling this app, You agree to the Built by Zendesk Terms of Use.

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