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Turn customer feedback, tickets & conversations into actionable insights with AI

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Well-known enterprises and growth companies like Rovio, Telia Company, and PostNord use Lumoa to empower every employee to make decisions based on the Voice of the Customer.

Lumoa users report:

  • 90% Reduction in case resolution times

  • 50% Increase in customer satisfaction scores

  • 10 % Increase in conversion rates

AI-powered customer insights to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs

Lumoa's state of the art text analytics turns all customer feedback, reviews and conversations into actionable insights. Understand root causes of issues and take systematic steps to improve your customer satisfaction and reduce customer support costs.

Collect & analyze feedback

  • Automatically trigger NPS, CSAT or CES surveys and collect feedback after a ticket is resolved or other Zendesk events.

  • Have AI automatically analyze the feedback collected with either Lumoa or Zendesk surveys.

All voices of customers in one view

  • See all your touchpoints in one view: NPS, CSAT or CES surveys, tickets, chats, calls, emails, online reviews and social media messages.

  • Combine Zendesk and other sources in one view.

Automatic categorization eliminates need for manual tagging

  • Advanced text analytics makes sure you don’t need to manually tag feedback or messages. Lumoa's AI automatically categorizes all unstructured feedback and conversations.

Works in 60+ languages

  • No need to worry what language your feedback is.

Decision intelligence

  • Beyond topic modelling (NLP) & sentiment analysis, Lumoa tells you in detail how much different topics are impacting your customer satisfaction, or driving customer contacts to your support.

  • Dive easily into root causes.

Take action

  • Get alerts based on trend changes or negative feedback.

  • Create automatically Lumoa tasks or Zendesk tickets.

  • Track progress and see how your actions are impacting customer satisfaction and driving efficiencies.

Break organizational silos with easy sharing

  • Unlimited user license policy means you can share insights across different teams from customer support, product and marketing, to insight team and top management.

  • Easy user rights management and fully personalised dashboards and notifications ensure that the right people have always the right insights available.

Easy to use and implement

  • Link your Zendesk with Lumoa and start taking action.

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