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Your customers are in Slack, but your team is in Zendesk. You know creating a Zendesk ticket for each Slack conversation is a non-starter, but dividing the work between the team, making sure nothing is missed, getting account history, reports, and data from the CRM is impossible in Slack. With Foqal's Zendesk/Slack integration, manage all of your Slack conversations from across all of your customer channels while getting all the powerful features of Zendesk - all through Foqal!

With Foqal Agent

  • Never miss a single customer Slack message, slip an SLA, or forget that customer request again.

  • Automatically create Zendesk ticket from Slack conversations.

  • Aggregate conversations from multiple channels into a single Zendesk queue or route different channels to different teams.

  • Create reports to understand your team and customers in Zendesk Explore or Google Data Studio


Foqal Agent creates software for customer success managers to build relationships at scale using non-traditional channels such as Slack and Discord. Need some help? Let us know at

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