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3Scribe's Zendesk integration allows you to convert your voicemail, inbound and outbound audio calls into a readable note using the world's most accurate transcription engine.

Supporting 11 different languages and dialects, you can have your calls automatically transcribed once they're completed or you can manually select which calls you'd like to process via the ticket sidebar.

Once our automated system has processed your audio file, we'll insert a note in to the ticket with your transcription, typically only a few moments after the call has completed. With a text based note, your entire team will be able to search and gain visibility on an issue.

Why not try us out for free and see how 3Scribe can:

  • Enable smooth handoffs between agents by letting new agents see a calls content at a glance instead of having to spend time listening to the recording.

  • Help turn your call centre from a 'Cost Centre' into a valuable resource. By turning audio into text you'll be able to search and analyse calls to find the best way to serve your customers.

  • Transcribe calls made in the following languages: English (United States), English (Great Britain), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Spanish (United States), Spanish (Spain) & Swedish.

  • Control which calls get transcribed via the status panel in our ticket sidebar app. You could pick any, all or none to be automatically transcribed, letting you choose only those calls you really need.

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