Bokun Integration

Integrate your Bokun account with Zendesk!

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With this application you will be able to bring your Bokun data directly into Zendesk. You will be able to search for your bookings, update the Bokun customer info with the data available in your Zendesk account, change the pick up locations or trip date/time to accomodate your customers' requests, and much more without leaving the Zendesk interface!

You will also be able to cancel a booking from Zendesk, but we designed an easy to use interface to configure who should be able to do that. By default only Zendesk admins will be able to do so, but you can choose a group of agents who will be able to cancel bookings so that new entries won't cancel bookings by mistake.

If you have any feedback on this app, you would like some extra features added or you need a custom version of it, please feel free to reach out! We are also always happy to create new apps that are blazing fast, incredibly light, and with an intuitive design.

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$1.00 per agent, per month

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