Create features & bugs from tickets to drive development and close feedback loop

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Fibery is a collaborative no-code workspace for teams. It combines work management and knowledge management, so you can accumulate information, invent things together, and jump from ideation to execution. 🤹‍♂️

Integrate Fibery with Zendesk to understand customers’ demands much better and clearly see what to work on next.

#### Tag Conversations Automatically grab conversations as they happen and sync Zendesk Tickets, Groups, and Organizations to Fibery. Highlight parts of conversations with customers and link them to product insights, ideas, features, and bugs to spot the recurring needs.screenshot-0

Prioritize requests and drive development

Calculate the total number of requests to prioritize features easily and design with customers in mind. Keep it simple and rely on the number of references or create your own formula to calculate features’ importance and use a number of references as a parameter. Dig deeper into the original feedback right from the feature or idea whenever you want using bi-directional links.screenshot-1

Close the feedback loop

Once a long-awaited feature goes live, close the feedback loop and notify those who requested it. Turn to the linked feedback to make each message personal.screenshot-2

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