Customer Details Advanced

Get a 360 vision of your customer directly in Zendesk

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Customer Details Advanced brings all the crucial Customer Details Advanced from your backend directly to Zendesk.

Your agents won't need to switch between windows anymore in order to find the customer information needed to provide quality support. Customer Details Advanced app will bring all the details straight to the ticket screen, boosting performance and agent satisfaction.

Flexible app configuration allows to plug in to any kind of backend - CRM, ERP, ... as long as it provides a public REST API to access the data. You get to customize where the information should be fetched and what are the details you'd like to see in Zendesk.

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Pay per instance

Free 14-day trial, then $29.00 per month

For larger teams - keep control of the overall price.

Pay per agent

Free 14-day trial, then $3.00 per agent, per month

For smaller instances - adapt the price to the size of your team.

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