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Resolve Thank You Messages And Collect Reviews With GPT4. 30 Days Free Trial.

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Free 30 Days Trial, No credit card

Never pay a thing

Try the Unlimited Pro plan for 30 days with no credit card required.


  • Unlimited number of tickets processed with Advanced AI in all languages.
  • Auto reply to thank you messages.
  • Auto request reviews from super-satisfied customers.
  • Mark unhappy users and escalate tickets.
Unlimited Basic

$49.00 per month

Solve Thank You tickets automatically in all languages

  • Unlimited number of tickets processed per month.
  • Advanced AI for thank you messages detection in all languages.
  • Auto reply to thank you messages after the ticket is solved.
Unlimited Pro

$89.00 per month

Make the most of the last interaction

Everything in Basic, and: - Automatically ask your best customers to leave a review. - Mark unsatisfied users and escalate tickets. - Agent and team analytics you can share. - Thank You Wall Of Love: Thank You's on Slack with your team.

Unlimited Enterprise

$249.00 per month

Additional Security and Support

Everything in the Unlimited Plus Plan and :

  • Enterprise security review.

  • Custom terms and redlines.

  • Signed NDA\DPA.

  • Guaranteed 99% Uptime SLA

  • Custom feature requests

  • Phone/video call priority support.

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