Unbabel for Zendesk Support

Get fast, native-quality translations of your tickets while lowering your costs.


Unbabel for Zendesk Support

Enter the next dimension of multilingual support

There’s never been a simpler, more reliable way to translate your support tickets.

Powered by state-of-the-art AI and a worldwide community of translators, Unbabel delivers translation at enterprise scale. We help you serve customers in any language, with fast, native-quality translations of your customer support tickets in Zendesk.

Customers are happier interacting in their native language

Timely multilingual support paves the way for a smoother customer experience — as well as improved first-reply, handling time, backlog, and CSAT.

Global businesses including EasyJet, TomTom, Under Armour, and Rovio trust Unbabel to deliver native-quality translations of customer support tickets at scale. With Unbabel, Skyscanner saw its CSAT increase from 75% to 92% in a year.

Your agents bring the support skills. We bring the language skills, no changes to your workflow required. Unbabel helps you build leaner, happier teams and put your resources towards strategic initiatives.

Unbabel for Zendesk Support helps your enterprise delight customers and empower teams in every language you need.

To learn more, visit our website.

Key Benefits

  • Unbabel combines artificial and human intelligence to bring you native-quality translations, consistently outperforming machine translation engines.
  • Boost your CSAT scores by helping your global customers in their own language.
  • Major global brands use Unbabel to deliver long-term customer success strategy globally and innovate at enterprise standards.
  • Scale your multilingual support at lower cost. We can handle peak-season volumes and help you cover long-tail languages – no matter where you're based or which agents are on shift.
  • Build a more effective, scalable, and flexible team by recruiting your agents for their support skills, not their languages.

Key Features

  • Unbabel just goes with your Zendesk workflow, allowing you to provide comprehensive multilingual coverage without changing your current support processes.
  • Our domain localization and glossary features ensure that you sound like yourself — and like a native — in every language.
  • Unbabel is fully GDPR compliant, automatically detecting and redacting sensitive data to protect your customers’ privacy.

How It Works

  • Customers write to you in their native language
  • Translations are automatically added to your tickets in your agent’s language
  • Reply below #unbabel in a private note
  • Your customers just see helpful responses in their native language

Watch our demo video to see Unbabel for Zendesk Support in action.

Unbabel for Zendesk Support requires an account and subscription. Contact us now to learn about what Unbabel can do for your customer support on our website or email marketplace@unbabel.com.

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