Svensk Bankidentifikation

Remote identification of users using BankID for the Swedish market

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Svensk Bankidentifikation - Remote identification for the Swedish market

In the event of customer contact at a distance via telephone and chat, there is a need for your administrator who works in Zendesk to identify the customer with whom the administrator has contact. This solves Svensk Bankidentifikation.

Svensk Bankidentifikation developed by TSC The Service Corporation and IDkollen, gives you the opportunity to communicate safely and securely with your customers with the help of BankID.

The service includes its own BankID certificate, which means that your company name is displayed in the BankID app when the customer identifies himself.

For Svensk Bankidentifikation to work, you as a company must have a valid BankID certificate. By filling in the form in this link you can apply for a BankID certificate. There are restrictions on which companies can obtain a BankID certificate. Normally, an application is processed in about a week.

Usage areas

Do your customers call and want to place orders or have support matters? With the help of Svensk Bankidentifikation, your company can easily verify customers' identities remotely, eg

  • Handling orders by phone or chat

  • Management of new passwords or help with logins

  • Administration of user accounts

  • Disclosure of sensitive information or personal data

How does the app work?

Svensk Bankidentifikation can be seen in the app sidebar on the right in Zendesk.

It is simple and practical to use Zendesk's new agent window “Kundsammanhang“ (Customer Context) if you want to use Svensk Bankidentifikation also on Zendesk Chat. This means that the agent works in the same window, regardless of whether it is a case via email, chat, telephone or social media.

If a customer contacts by phone or chat and a ticket is opened in Zendesk, the customer only needs to have a BankID in order for you to be able to make an identification.

  1. The administrator asks the customer to open his BankID app

  2. The administrator enters the customer's “personnummer” (social security number) and clicks on the “Skicka“ button

  3. The customer identifies himself against the company using his BankID app

  4. The result of the identification is entered in the ticket as an internal comment.

An approved identification gives the result “Successful authentication or signing“ The app reacts if it is an incorrect “personnummer“. If the customer does not respond within 3 minutes, the request will not be approved.


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