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Screen Capture for QA, QM and agent coaching to improve support metrics

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The official Maestro QA Screen Capture App.

Maestro QA makes QA software for modern support teams.

Screen Capture gives full visibility into how tickets are handled, enabling managers to address previously unseen issues that impact customers. It’s part of the full Maestro QA platform, which takes Quality Assurance (QA) to the next level with grading automations, a full reporting suite, and more.

The Screen Capture app enables you to:

  • Understand how agents utilize Zendesk, internal resources, and other systems

  • Identify and address key issues impacting agent performance, such as incomplete knowledge base articles or inefficient processes

  • Provide highly targeted coaching and training sessions with your team

  • Improve support team performance across metrics like CSAT, AHT, and more

Support teams that choose Maestro QA get results.

  • Classpass coached a struggling agent with Screen Capture and saw a 14.5% increase in QA score.

  • Tails used Screen Capture to identify agent behaviors leading to missed SLAs, and then solved them – agents are now hitting productivity targets.

  • Stitch Fix uncovered efficiency drivers through Screen Capture that resulted in updated hotkey practices.

Want to learn more? View our customer case studies.

Have questions for our team?

We’re here to help! You can email us directly at or visit to chat with us and learn more on how we can help meet your quality assurance (QA) / quality management (QM) needs by evaluating quality of the agent support service, filling those gaps through agent coaching sessions guided by in-depth root cause analysis performance insights.

Other info: Request a demo of the full Maestro QA experience.

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