Onna is a Knowledge Integration Platform that unlocks enterprise knowledge.

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Onna is a Knowledge Integration Platform that unlocks enterprise knowledge from today's most popular workplace applications. We help businesses automate their enterprise needs such as eDiscovery, compliance, information governance, and more by centralizing and processing otherwise fragmented and unutilized knowledge from any number of our turnkey integrations. Organizations have total visibility and control over critical business knowledge from one place.


  • Onna acts as a central point of access for enterprise knowledge
  • Onna processes and indexes all tickets and attachments within Zendesk. Your environment will be fully searchable
  • Reduces the time and effort taken to complete eDiscovery collections
  • The platform can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise

Key features

  • Integration to over 25 different cloud applications, including enterprise sources, like Google Workspace, Office 365, and Slack. Additionally, users can collect from sources behind the firewall through a secure proxy or data directly from your desktop
  • An advanced search that can be run across specific metadata fields in Zendesk such as ticket type, status, and labels
  • Export data in a defensible format for attorney review
  • Onna automatically processes data with natural language processing and OCR to make it fully searchable

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