Smart End-Users Merge

Detect automatically and merge potential duplicate end-users

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Are you working with different channels with many customers?

Smart End-Users Merge app. offers an easy, one-click solution for detection and merge of potential duplicate end-users.

The Smart End-users Merge checks if the current ticket requester has a potential duplicate end-users at your Zendesk environment by matching phone, Whatsapp numbers and names.

Selected end-users can be easily merged into the current ticket’s requester by clicking on the 'Merge' button.

The merge mechanism is based on Zendesk native standard Merge Users mechanism, according to that functionality, benefits, and limitations.

By default, the Smart End-Users Merge will be installed in a free for use version. To unlock the full functionality, it's required to purchase the appropriate license plan according to instructions in the app.(Please click here for the details)

Smart End-Users Merge Editions:

  1. Free edition (default): Auto-detects and displays potential duplicate end-user accounts.

  2. Paid edition: In addition to the free APP. funcionality, allows to merge selected end-user accounts. Please click here to contact our sales department for the pricing details.

Please note: A merge cannot be undone, so please be careful to select the correct user accounts.

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