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Agent chat adapter for handling chat and messaging support sessions via UJET

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About UJET UJET is propelling customer experience into the modern age. With its leading cloud contact center solutions, UJET empowers support organizations to create intelligent workflows, make data actionable, and create a modern business model where companies have the right tools and technology they to create an immersive, engaging, and one-of-a-kind experience for their customer.

UJET's seamlessly integrated Chat adapter enables agents to focus on a more efficient, effective and positive customer experience while taking full advantage of Zendesk’s CRM platform.

Powerful Operational Controls Comprehensive configurations, include:

  • Advanced context based routing engine: Intelligent, context based routing automatically directs customers to self-service solutions or the most appropriate live or virtual agents.
  • Data flow: options for automated data flow and Zendesk interactions
  • Web and mobile SDKs: out-of-the-box support center for websites and mobile apps
  • CSAT: track, display and report on CSAT for all channels
  • Key metrics: key session metrics, eg. Call ID, Wait Time, Handle Time, etc., are stored in Zendesk
  • Session deflection: flexible options for after hours, overcapacity, or custom redirects, eg: call backs, to a different topic, voice mail, website, virtual agent, message

Agent Chat Adapter UJET's Chat adapter is seamlessly integrated into Zendesk and provides a modern agent experience with a comprehensive set of features:

  • Supports web, mobile chats, and SMS and social messaging
  • Configure maximum chat concurrency per agent
  • Agent or auto dismissal of unresponsive chats
  • Configurable target agent response time with reminders
  • Hierarchical chat shortcuts
  • Agent or auto answer chat configuration
  • Configurable session notifications
  • Automatic account lookup and existing/new ticket pop
  • Real time diagnostic, user profile data added to ticket
  • UJET Smart Actions, including:
    • Real-time media sharing, eg. photo, video files
    • User verification via default mobile device login
    • Mobile screenshot feature
  • Transfers to agents or queues
  • Single sign-on via various authentication service providers
  • Option for agents to set their ‘next’ status while 'in chat' status
  • Agent specific performance metrics

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