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Scheduling & dispatching for field service, home health, nonprofit & more!

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Leverage the power of the Skedulo's Mobile Workforce Management Platform right inside of your Zendesk instance! With a Skedulo license, your schedulers and deskless workers can be more productive and work more efficiently.*

Skedulo is the new standard for deskless workforce productivity. We help organizations create better business outcomes including happy customers, improved operational efficiency, and engaged employees.

  • Mobile worker management: End-to-end management of remote workers in the field, including their skills, certifications, availability, locations, and preferences, all in a single system.

  • Scheduling and job management: Improve operational efficiency with intelligent scheduling and employee matching to reach business goals and optimize the use of mobile resources.

  • Mobile work execution: Engage and retain employees with a consumer grade mobile app that has the real-time information and guidance mobile workers need to deliver an exceptional customer experience and collect the right data.

  • End-customer experience: Increase customer satisfaction by easily matching available and qualified employees to customer requirements and expectations. Seamlessly communicate between schedulers, teams in the field, and the end-customer.

With Skedulo and Zendesk, enterprises can unify their tech stacks, grow the business faster, and move trustworthy data across the organization with ease.

Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help your organization improve mobile workforce management operations!

Results our customers have seen after implementing Skedulo:

  • 5M+ appointments scheduled
  • 48% reduction in scheduling time
  • 28% increased visibility in onsite job execution
  • 21% increase in resource utilization per day
  • 8% increase in customer satisfaction

*Note: The Skedulo for Zendesk Support App is free, but your Schedulers and Resources each require a Skedulo license subscription. Reach out to the Skedulo team to start a conversation.

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