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What is the Realtime Dashboard?

The Realtime Dashboard is a Zendesk app developed by BCR.CX that allows monitoring and visualizing real-time data such as the number of open tickets, average response time, and other key performance indicators. With the Realtime Dashboard, users can make more informed decisions and quickly respond to customer needs.

How to use the Realtime Dashboard?

To use the Realtime Dashboard, simply install the app on your Zendesk account and customize the widgets according to your team's needs. You can create widgets to monitor different metrics and set up alerts to be notified when a certain indicator reaches a specific limit. This will allow you to monitor important metrics in real-time and make faster and more effective decisions.

Why choose BCR.CX's apps?

BCR.CX is a company specializing in Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Environment Outsourcing (BEO), developing apps to help companies improve their processes and offer high-quality customer service experiences. By choosing BCR.CX's apps, customers can rely on quality products that will increase their teams' efficiency and productivity. To learn more about BCR.CX's services and products, visit their website at

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